This section of the blog includes all the short plays written between 2003 and 2010 (see below).

I’ve spent most of my professional life writing for performance. Much of this work was for Lumiere & Son Theatre Company (1973 -1992) which I co-directed with Hilary Westlake. With some exceptions, Hilary directed the performances and I wrote them. For twenty years we received an Arts Council grant to tour our work. Including commissions from solo performers, I’ve written about forty shows. Lumiere’s work played mostly in studio theatres but we maintained a presence on the streets, in site specific work and, especially over the years since I withdrew from co-directorship and took commissions from the company, mounted a number of large-scale outdoor public events.

My intention is to put excerpts from some of the scripts of some of this material online. Much of the earlier, pre-word processor, work is packed in folders in binliners secured with gaffer tape and piled in a friend’s attic. These scripts will have to be scanned sheet by sheet and decisions made as to which of the many handwritten overwritings on rehearsal texts are to be considered definitive. I thought this might be good mindless fun but I suspect it won’t be.

For the time being I am opting for a simpler solution. I have been an Associate Lecturer at Wimbledon School (now College) of Arts since 1994 and between 2003 and 2010 was asked to direct short plays for student theatre designers in the Theatre School. I wrote sixteen 20 minute pieces in this period and their scripts, accompanied by introductory notes, are to be found just a click away. Also available is a piece on ‘Tip Top Condition’ (1973), Lumiere & Son’s very first theatre show, a couple of contextualising essays written for theatre programmes for the show ‘I Am Dandy’ (1999) plus some episodes from that play. In addition I’ve included the texts of some one-off commissioned pieces.

Towards the end of the list below is a link to an introduction to the ‘Dash Dash Dash’ series of six short plays designed at WCA and presented at Battersea Arts Centre in 2009-2010. There are, in turn, links on that page to each of the Dash playscripts.

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